sexta-feira, julho 25, 2008

Il partito del cemento

Qual a diferença entre a Itália e Portugal?
Isto é, como podem aqueles madrassos oleosos chegar ao G8 e nós nem o sonho?
Arrisco um Plano Marshall e menos uns trinta anos de ditadura, não sei.

Mas leiam o blogue de Beppe Grillo e depois tentem encontrar diferenças entre regimes:

"In Liguria "Forza DS" is working very well and the results are visible. Instead of the coast, there’s Concrete . La Casa della Legalità {Legality Group} has sent me a letter about the book: "Il partito del cemento" {The Concrete Party}.

Nothing is more true than what you affirmed on 8 July. The problem is not so much Silvio Berlusconi, but the transversal Business Committee of which he today is the guarantor and it stays unchanged whoever is in Palazzo Chigi {official meeting place of Council of Ministers} whether it is Prodi, D'Alema or any other expression of nomenklatura, whatever the structure of the government, the film director is and remains that occult and obscene business committee that is devastating the country.
The visible power thus risks becoming the bastard son of that invisible power, generated in turn by a myriad of secret marriages of interests or of under the table transactions….

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