segunda-feira, maio 10, 2010

A má gestão compensa

(Via Vanity Fair, via The New York Times, via Daily Intel):

“Top executives at the country’s largest media companies continued to reel in multimillion-dollar pay packages in 2009, a year of widespread cost-cutting throughout the industry,”.

See if you can match the executive’s obscene salary to the terrible news about recent layoffs at his own company. The lucky champion will win ... a renewed disgust with this country’s fetishization of avarice!

1. CBS’s Les Moonves, $43 million
2. Viacom’s Philippe P. Dauman, $34 million
3. Comcast’s Brian L. Roberts, $25 million, and Stephen B. Burke, $31 million
4. Gannett’s Craig A. Dubow, $4.4 million
5. The New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger Jr., $4.8 million
6. McClatchy’s Gary B. Pruitt, $2.6 million

A. “[Redacted] said most of the [300] jobs being eliminated are at the division and regional management levels and it will try to find other jobs for the people whose positions are being eliminated.”
B. “[Redacted] eliminated more than 10,000 jobs in 2007 and 2008, including about 2,000 layoffs last fall, and [redacted] executives have said repeatedly that they expect more downsizing, including layoffs.”
C. “[Redacted] just announced that it needs to cut 100 positions, or about 8 percent, from its newsroom by the end of the year.”
D. “[Redacted’s] news division will be hit with layoffs next week, perhaps as many as 100 people, roughly 7 percent of the 1,400 person staff.”
E. “[Redacted] said it will slash about 850 jobs—7 percent of its work force—and freeze some senior-level salaries.”
F. “[Redacted] has cut 4,150 jobs since June 2008.”

1. D; 2. E; 3. A; 4. B; 5. C; 6. F

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